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Remember folks, this is all for fun and just fantasy! Anything we create from requests do not reflect the personal views of the creators. We just love to create and animate! People request something and we create it! We do all kinds of art and videos, like comics, anime, fantasy art, animations, short stories, special effects, funny videos, picture gallery, cool art, photomanipulations, photo editing and touch up. You name it, we do it!

If your idea of "sexy" is a woman in the sexiest silk, lace and satin lingerie wearing super hot high open toe shoes with fishnet stockings and painted red gorgeous toes, you have come to the right place! If you love looking at women's sexy feet and soles both bare and with sexy nylons or stockings on, then we have the perfect sexy clips for you! If you're into fantasy vore art and animation we have plently of it! Sexy damsels battle it out against hungry monsters and aliens! If you love looking at beautiful virtual babes in extremely sexy hot costumes and outfits, you have come to the right place!

We have nothing but pure sexy eye candy videos for your viewing pleasure!!! Keep in mind this is a PG website and everything is clean! You get the sexiest clean videos here! Please feel free to contact us for your special ideas / suggestions.

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Blurbs From Stacey's Blog. I love painting my toe nails and wearing open toed shoes. Seems to drive men absolutely insane. I always wondered why men found feet so attractive. I mean, think about it... they stink 90% of the time, they must be even stinkier licking them, they must be super salty for the one sucking on them, and they're always hot and sweaty because they are in shoes all day long. Well, that's one reason why I like open toed shoes! With painted toes in sexy hot high heels and sexy wear, I can usually get whatever I want! One of these days when I get around to it, I'd like to make some professional sexy videos... may as well sell some part of my body while it's still young and healthy!

Ok ok, here's a little but of my... uhmmmm... naughty side. I love wearing trashy lingerie. Hehe... Any kind of sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood makes me happy. I think Fredericks of Hollywood has the best, resonably priced trashy lingerie out there. I'm not even THAT happy with my body, but wearing their stuff makes me feel like a super model! I love feeling like a sexy woman to strangers. My EX's always tell me I have such a sexy ass and fine sexy legs. I think they could be better... hehe ^_^. Damnn I such an attention seeker. Just love attention wayyyy to much. Here are some sexy free pictures for all you lingerie, stockings, and pantyhose lovers out there!

So I finally got around to kickin out my new HOTGIRLS3D.COM website. It's a clean, but sexy and HOT site. It's for those of you out there who want sexy without the X-rated stuff and smutt out there. It for those of you who love sexy outfits and exotic 3D women wearing them! I hope you all enjoy my creations!!! ^_^

Ok, so here's more sexy hot feet for all you foot lovers out there. I was just living in fantasy land the other weekend trying on different pairs of shoes. I found a lovely pair of white satin pumps that I think would look HOT on my wedding night... whenever that may be! Tee hee ^_^ I think they would look hot with some sexy lacey satiny lingerie. I'm sure that would drive my man up the wall! Anyone have any ideas on super HOT sexy lingerie for a girl's wedding night? I've looked at Frederick's of Hollywood but nothing stood out for me. I want to knock him off his feet! I want to see his buddy poke through his pants when he sees me coming! ^_^

What can I say, I love this really kinky stuff! There's just something REALLY HOT when I wrap myself in my satin comforter. It relaxes me a lot and puts me in another place. I can stay wrapped up pretty tight all night long, sleeping naked within my warm satin coocoon. It so absolutely refreshing especially after a hot shower and my skin is very clean and extra soft against the blanket. If you haven't tried wrapping yourself in a satin comforter right after a shower, you should defintely try it! I don't know ANY guys/girls into this freaky kind of excitement/relaxation ritual but I can't be the only one! I'm so hooked on it I actually went out and bought a few different colors to play with too! It's especially fun when my mates let me to it to them too... guys/girls... but they only do it because they know I love it. They get no pleasure from it. Oh well. I did find a nice way to pleasure men when I wrap them up though...


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