The Absolute 100% WORKING Best Autosurf Sites & WHY?

These are special autosurf sites where you can collect as MANY credits as you wish. And the the second you assign X number of credits to whatever site you wish, you'll see INSTANT HITS to that site. I MEAN INSTANT! Just use any free web tracker like Check them out! They both have automatic and manual surfing as well! Be sure to email contact us when you sign up through our links. We'll share some great tools, tips, and tricks to keep the autosurfing running smoothly. And for those who want something FULLY AUTOMATED we got the tips to help you accomplish that!

Here are excellent autosurf sites where you can actually CONVERT your auto credits to manual credits. So with these autosurf sites in your arsenal, the skies the limit! Just think, you can set your computer to autosurf for some time and then come back and convert those credits to manual credits. Manual credits have a better chance of someone seeing your pages because for the most part they control how long they want to see a website. If a manual surfer sees something interesting on your page, they'll have the choice to click to move on or not. With autosurfing they will have only a limited time before the web pages refresh to the next site. Of course converting auto credits into manual credits comes with a price. Not money but it's like exchanging U.S. dollars for English Pounds. You'll get about 1/2 the credits going from auto to manual credits. But still... it's a GREAT feature!

SEE BELOW's TEXT LIST OF the AUTOSURF sites I have already gone through. ANY Autosurf website that has the words "Credit Conversion" next to it, is a site that allows you to convert your credits!!!

Check my page OFTEN. I update the BEST AUTOSURF Traffic sites according to how well their ALEXA RATINGS are. It's all here for you! Now YOU need to make the next step! These sites have completely AUTOMATIC surfing systems as well as manual surfing systems!

HINT #1 Use FIREFOX with the NOSCRIPT option if you ever have problems with those framebreakers! Works like a CHARM! This little bad boy will help keep your autosurf running 24-7 while you just sit back, relax and collect credits to use how and whenever you wish! There's no better way to get free traffic exchanges than this!

ClickEvolution Free Web Traffic

QuietHits Autosurfing

AutoVisitorsExpress Free Traffic Exchange

MasterHitsNow Autosurf

BreedTraffic Free Web Traffic



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