Crazy Online Networking & Links! Yes! The past six years have been very busy for us on the internet. We have been trying to get our name out there! We have links all over the entire internet of our crazy works. We're on just about every popular social networking site known to man out there!

Online networking is so fun. Why do you care about networking? Well, never cut yourself off from meeting new people. You never know when that person you are IMing or emailing may one day help you in some way or be connected to you in some magical way. It sounds really lame, I know, but I have met some really great people online that has helped me a lot in my endeavors. But networking doesn't have to be all work and no play! There's so much to see and do online I end up staying on the computer all day long trying to keep up with emails, messages and playing online games against people! I think by far myspace, friendster, youtube, vidilife, flickr and xanga are the best networking and blog sites out there. Facebook is absolutely the best! Thanks eveyone for all your love on those sites. You all are the best!

Once you join all these wonderful social networking sites, you can build your reputation and create links to build up your traffic! It's very easy to do! Just be yourself and people will love you! Check out my money pages for details on how to make money with all these social networking sites! Also check out my traffic pages on how to get free traffic to your websites.

Not only am I a great networking specialist online, I am also a great relationship counselor. If you're looking for the sexiest, hottest romance tips, check out my sexy lingerie pages.

Facebook is super fun because they have so many games and add-ons you can add to your profile. This is like Vidilife interactivity on super steroids! So far my most favorite game is "OWNED". It's really fun buying people and owning them! If you're on facebook and want to play, feel free to add me as a friend because I want to OWN YOU... and own you good!!! Hee hee .^_^. Also, if you're into stock playing, there's a really simple facebook game called "Be A Tycoon" that's pretty fun to play, especially if you like making lots of money virtually! (HINT - Buy the gold mine at about 14K and wait til it hits about 55K)

Youtube is fun because they let you post just about anything you want up there. Except of course the really x-rated stuff but that's good because it keeps it clean for everyone. So go to the search bar at YouTube and type in "shih tzu puppies" and click on sort by "view count"... you'll see my puppy video has 2723 ratings and 535139 views. At one point in time, it was under the "honors" section as the most viewed in "Today" "This Week" & "This Month" categories. Now how did I get a simple puppy video to be viewed by so many people??? And just think... if I was trying to sell something and wanted people to see it, what better way of advertising for free is there? I put up a cute video for people to enjoy, but at the same time I get 535139 potential customers if I was trying to sell something! I'm just a simple girl and don't have anything ingenious to sell, so this doesn't help me much but it could do you wonders?!?!

Vidilife is a fun networking social site as well because you get to play games for vidi-money and then you use that money to make new friends and buy people vidi-gifts. It's a very neat idea I think! It fell more interactive than other sites. Great job guys! Go take a look at the "Most Viewed Female" Area and see who you find there. Also check out the "Most Viewed Photos" of all time at Vidilife... guess who you'll see there as well! See, I do know how to schmooze my audience! Again, image the possibilities of ALL these viewers being potential customers if you have something GREAT to sell!!!

Myspace, wow that site is so popular. I love it. I feel so special that so many people want to be my friend! Hehe... I love the internet! I never made this many friends in high school or college combined! But I know of course half those people are just doing it as a popularity contest. It's all good though! I heard it's a great place to market your ideas and inventions too. I'll have to try that someday! Myspace is a little more tricky. I had a wonderful account setup with about 11,000 friends and they deleted my account without notice. I believe they did not like the fact that I stuck a URL as my name. Other than that everything else in that account was PG so I don't see why it was removed. It also could be that I got all those 11,000 new friends within a two week period. Heheh ^_^ My trains compliation will help you do that too! Just don't over do it like I did... Since then I started a new ID and I'm keeping it at a slower pace and more on a down low...

Friendster was my most favorite networking sites when it first came out. Since then so many other sites came out that a majority of my friends ended up moving to Myspace. I found friendster the most reliable in finding old school mates and ex's. Other than that I rarely go back to it now. It still brings in quite a lot of people and traffic according to Alexa. But then again how reliable are those Alexa ratings???

Flickr is a very nice photosharing and networking site too. I love flickr because you can add your photos to groups you belong to from your profile pages. Unlike other sites where you have to login to the actual group and then upload a picture to the group, Flickr allows you to go to all your photos and pick the groups you want to insert the photo in via a dropdown box. It makes submitting group photos so easy! Do some looking around on Flickr and you may see some interesting pictures on that site. *wink*

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