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ROMANCE AND SEXUALITY - KEEP THE FIRE BURNING! Are you having problems in your relationship? Marriage? ROMANCE is the KEY to a great healthy relationship between you and your partner. First off you MUST take care of yourself! Do not let your bodies go to crap on purpose or just because you are lazy! Men are visual creatures, that's just the way they are. There is nothing you can do about that. If you have nice clevage, they WILL look. If you have a nice body walking by, their eyes WILL follow. Right fellas? So while all eyes are on you, keep that in mind the next time you reach for that tub of ice cream!


TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY! Take care of your feet especially if you wear open-toed shoes! Men love nice pedicures. Pretty feet will get you far in this world. I do my own pedicures. It's really not that difficult. You just have to use long lasting, tough nail polish to keep those toes nice and sparkly!

Sexy Stacey Li - Sexy Feet



LINGERIE IS NOT ONLY FOR SUPERMODELS! Lingerie is an excellent tool that will help in increasing romance almost 100%. Show me one guy out there who wouldn't look twice or have his general salute to a gorgeous woman in a tight, form fitting, silk / lace bustier ensamble with a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and 6" high heels.

Sexy Stacey Li - Victoria's Secret Lingerie

Okay so most of us do not have supermodel, ripped bodies, right? That's perfectly okay. You don't need tight fitting lingerie to get your man to notice you! There are plenty of sexy lingerie ensambles that would fit most of our body types. There's also hidden body cinchers and body shaping underwear that you can wear right under your sexy lingerie as well! It may sound a bit strange to be wearing body shapers under your sexy lingerie, but it's all about the "packaging!" Take this backside shot of me. I am wearing body shapers that make it look like I have a supermodel body, but in reality, I have the normal American female body with a little flab of course. But with the help of some sexy lingerie, I have that supermodel body that I always wanted!

Sexy Stacey Li - Victoria's Secret Lingerie

Put a person in front of a whole pile of Christmas presents that are all alike with no special wrapping. Now stick maybe one or two gifts within that pile that have a special pretty looking wrapping on it. What do you think the person will do? Of course they would open the prettiest looking gift wrapped gift because it stands out! For the most part, people like looking at nice / attractive looking things!

Sexy Stacey Li - Satin Lingerie



SEXY BLACK WIDOW IMAGE - POWER & SENSUALITY. BLACK IS KEY. Black color on people is naturally slimming to the eyes. Everything looks more skiny and more slim in black lingerie. Yes, of course, many of you are saying, "But this is not really me, once my man sees how I really look, he's going to run away!" The important thing to remember is guys are like machines, once you turn them on they will keep on going until you turn them off. Romance and sexy lingerie is like a the "on switch" for men. It lights them up, starts them going, then it's up to you to finish him off. It teases them and makes it even more intense for both parties! The fire becomes and inferno and from there you will see a whole new world!

Sexy Stacey Li - Stockings

Sexy Stacey Li - Fishnet Stockings



SUPER HIGH HEELS! There's something about sexy high heels that drive men wild, especially the sound of sexy high heels echoing through a hallway or room. Try an experiment one day and take notice of how many heads you can turn with just wearing nice high heels. The mere sound of heels will turn most men's heads! I guaruntee it! Go out and try it! Isn't that right, men?

Sexy Stacey Li - Nylons

Sexy Stacey Li - High Heels



SEXY STOCKINGS - LINGERIE FOR THE LEGS! Stockings, nylons, and panyhose always add a little spice to every situation. They add so much just to business attire alone! With lingerie it just completes the entire ensamble. Lingerie for the legs is very cheap and you have a lot of variation from fishnet to fully fashioned stockings. Back seemed stockings are very sexy on any type of legs. Fully fashioned stockings are perfect for that pinup girl type look and everyone loves a hot pin-up girl!

Sexy Stacey Li - Stockings 2

Sexy Stacey Li - Stockings 3

Sexy Stacey Li - Stockings 4

Sexy Stacey Li - Stockings 5




GET SATIN SHEETS! Silky smooth satin sheets will also drive most men absolutely insane! It's so soft, smooth and silky that you can easily play slip and slide on the bed. It's a very fun material to roll around on. It's very cool to the touch so when things get a little steamy, just roll onto the cool side of the bed! Bridal satin is the smoothest, toughest type of satin you can get. Knit satin is not as nice to the touch and doesn't look as pretty but it's cheaper. For the best satin feel, take a nice hot shower, clean all the oils off your body, then dry yourself throughly and dive right into your satin covered bed. It's absolutely devine!

Satin sheets and conforters are pricey but well worth it. If you love to sleep and love your bed, treat yourself to this devine material. It makes you feel like a god! You'll be surrounded in pure silky smooth satin and will not want to ever get out of bed! I purchased my bridal satin comforters from these guys. Trust me, it's so worth the money. The satin quality that they have is supreme!

GET AN EXOTIC COSTUME. Costumes in the bedroom can also add a lot romance and fire! Even the show "Friends" had an episode of Racheal in a Princess Leia outfit that was Ross's ultimate dream! An adult female in a school girl outfit, a sexy nurse outfit or french maid outfit seems to be a very popular choices.

Sexy Stacey Li - French Maid



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