ABOUT TEAMSTACEYLI!!! It all started when my art friends and I decided that we wanted to create crazy cool sexy art and animation. We were all on the same majors and classes that we grew very close throughout our schooling. Eventually we all combined forces and came up with our sexy art, animations, and videos theme amongst all our websites which became my team, TeamStaceyLi. I run this operation with my very good friend John. We have been in the business of creating customized special art for people over the past six years. People who love "different" we are just that. Conservative people should just stop reading and leave our sites now. We are very open minded to everyones's ideas and fantasies. Warning! Not all our links/websites are safe for work.

We create any type of custom art but we specialize in photo manipulations. If you have a photo that needs fixing or tweaking, we're you're go to guys! We make it look so real, you couldn't tell it the photo was modified. We can also convert your plain ordinary photos into 3D Anaglyphs (photos that pop out at you with those red and blue glasses).

Also check out out lingerie, money and traffic pages that we could not list in the main menu. There's a lot of great information there for all you looking to spice up your relationships, find more ways to make some extra cash, and bring free web traffic to your websites! We have tested ALL of these tips and they DO work!!!




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