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We're a small group of crazy artists and animators. Our goal is to bring you the most unique, insane, intense, sexy art and animation experience imaginable!!! We are all over the internet!

My name is Stacey and I run this operation with my good friend John. I am a professional lingerie model half the time and a geek the other half of the time. I model for the website Voreville creating very different alternative art. Enjoy your stay! By the time you leave this site, we are hoping you will learn something new!

Sexy Art Store

Specialized Custom Art

We create specialized custom art, animations and videos to your liking. We specialize in sexy, exotic, extreme, intense, fantasy photo manipulations, but we run a variety of different websites with a mix of crazy, exotic, sexy, hot themes. If you love gorgeous women, exotic lingerie, fantasy art, passionate stories, and extreme themes then you are in the right place! Sexy is our middle name! It's nothing but pure eye candy from here on out!


Super Sexy Merchandise

We also create the sexiest and hottest merchandise out there on the internet. Come and visit our sexy hot Cafepress, Zazzle, and Printfection stores! Spice up your boring desktops with some super hot girls mouse pads and office decorations!

More Cool Sites - Sexy Art, Sexy Animation, Fantasy Art

More Crazy Websites

We're taking over the internet! We just created a few more websites out there that we're going to be working on for 2011. We have some cool special effects we're working on to mix live action videos with hungry 3D monsters! If you love damsels in distress, stay tuned! We have more sexy hot custom exotic animations in the works as well!


Make Some Extra Cash

Our websites bring in a pretty good amount of traffic. By supporting our websites, you can make extra money on the side. It is easy to do and and completely free. All you have to do is post our text link(s) and/or banner link(s) on your website or blog. Even if you don't have a website, just post on Facebook or some other social networking site. Just remember not to spam links. If someone signs up at one of our websites, you get cut of that for not having to do much! Each of our websites has it's own referral program!

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